He began his activity in the field of plastic flooring and created with his brothers the Ardito Brothers firm and the commercial company of flooring retailing “Edilmoquette SpA”. These two companies were going full said ahead when in 1979 Renzo Ardito gave his life a real change of direction and chose to dedicate himself on a full time to tourism business.

The occasion is offered to him when the founders and managers of Lignano Pineta SpA, appoint him as a director to promote a generational transition.

As a natural entrepreneur, Renzo Ardito seizes the opportunity at once and devotes himself to this new adventure body and soul,

even if this meant leaving the field that until then had given him great satisfaction.

He throws himself headlong in the new challenge, and for many years he shares hopes, enthusiasms and also let downs with Renato Martin, his close friend and partner with whom in the eighties realizes the works that gave Lignano a new face: the touristic harbor Marina Uno, with the hotel of the same name, and the promenade on the beach in Lignano Pineta.

In the nineties, his company reaches a definitive shape, and he realizes further works such as Parco del Mare and the restoration of both Tenda Bar and Restaurant Alla Granseola, popular places for guests in Lignano.

Renzo Ardito was also truly passionate about art and had a delicate artistic sensitivity. In the Parco del Mare he had a private collection of sculptures installed for public fruition. Every year this collection grows thanks to the Sculptures Symposium.

Moreover, he undertook the creation of the Foundation Marcello D’Olivo with the aim of having about 500 between paintings and drawings by the great architect whose work affected significantly the look of the city.

He had a sparkling and eclectic personality, and he has contributed to the sport field as well.

He was a member of the administrative committee of Udinese Calcio under President Teofilo Sanson, a time when Udinese was promoted again to Serie A in the Italian League. He was also a council member of the basket team of Udine in Serie A, and the president of both the rugby team in Serie A and the female basket team in Serie A.
He was tireless, obstinate and always ready to find new ideas, always keeping an eye to the future. He did not only give Lignano important infra-structures, but also offered guests his new ideas, so that their stay in Lignano could be more pleasant, like for example the “Incendio del Mare” a firework show created by Renzo Ardito and Ciro Manfredonia.

With his passing, Lignano lost a bearing column for his development. The sorrow that his passing left to those who had the luck to meet him and who keep many memories of him is palpable.

We would like to report what some of the people who were close to him said about him.

First of all, architect Ferdinando Anichini, who designed the enlargement of Marina Uno together with his colleague architect Bernardis, a work which was then realized in 1983. He remembers bravery as a distinctive trait of Renzo Ardito’s nature. Anichini says “he had a great working spirit. Even in the hardest times, he always fought. He was able to fulfill his intentions. He never gave up; with calm and tenacity he solved all the difficulties he had to face and he worked until the last days with the same dedication he had on the first one.

Rino Ardito, Renzo’s brother, continued the work they had started together. Among the first works done together, he remembers with special pleasure the flooring of the summer camps in Piani di Luzza, where the site manager was Marcello Peschiutta. He also remembers how Renzo used to bring all the family back together once a year in Moruzzo, and how their mother was the gluing element in the family.